Seafront Getaway in Umag


Umag in Istria, Croatia, is well known for its tourism and is one of my favorite places to visit because it’s the first coastal town in Croatia when crossing the Slovenian border. Whether strolling along its 45 km coastline or trying various Istrian delicacies, it’s always a fun getaway.

Villa Umag Seafront

During this Umag visit, I did a photo shoot of the Villa Umag Seafront vacation property. The location is superb for photography as it has a large seafront terrace and 2 seafront balconies, and allows for creative photography.

The interior decor had lively turquoise colors which helped the shooting with the seafront theme. I recorded a number of short videos and combined them into a one-minute video.

I knew the seafront location would also look amazing from above and decided to raise the drone for birds-eye photos and videos that can be added to the property portfolio.

I also did a a 360 photo shoot to showcase the open terrace under the kiwi tree. The 360 photo can be added to Google Maps as shown below.

Finally, as a bonus, I also recorded a sunset time lapse in one of the rooms with a seafront balcony. This is specific to this property since its location and balcony were perfect for s sunset time lapse.

Umag Old Town

While in Umag, I also recorded a time lapse through the Umag old town. I started at Villa Umag Seafront and walked along the coast to the old town streets. This was an additional marketing product for the property that can be posted to YouTube or shared on social media.

Umag Coast and Marina

One final time lapse that I did was of Umag Marina and beach. I walked from the property along the coast to the Umag Marina with its beautiful ships. The road also led to the two most popular beaches in Umag, beach Adriatic and main beach by Hotel Umag.

Vacation Property Photo Shoot

This is a typical photography package that I prepare for vacation properties. Owners use these pictures and videos to update their vacation property listings, such as Booking (see completed Villa Umag Seafront Booking listing) and Airbnb, and for social media (see below).

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