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After years of practice and experience with companies, I acquired the tools and learned the techniques to present a unique image and story.

That work with companies inspired me to also work with private clients. Here are some of the rave reviews from my clients. Contact me below for additional information.

Lelys H. Jugovac
Social Media Manager Lelys H. Jugovac Social Media Manager
Tomaz is a professional with whom it’s been a pleasure working with. He’s very fast, responsive and skilled in his job. We love his photos and the amazing ideas he comes up with. Thanks to him, our instagram feed now looks special. Highly recommended!
Paula Volarević
Model Paula Volarević Model
It was such a pleasure working with Thomaz. 🙂 He managed to make relaxed atmosphere and pull out the best out of me. Photos he took are one of the best I have so far cause he truly knows how to shoot from the right angle and hit the best shoot. 🙂 He was professional, kind and you could feel that he knows the drill. Looking forward to working together again.
Elizabeth Shown
Instagram Model Elizabeth Shown Instagram Model
Tomaz is a professional and his photos are a work of art. Thanks to his amazing photos, I am like a queen on Instagram.
Tony Norton
Web Designer Tony Norton Web Designer
I am a web developer and use a lot of images for websites. Tomaz's pictures are unique and fit with my work amazingly.
Toni Krasnic
Villa Umag Seafront Toni Krasnic Villa Umag Seafront
I worked with Tomaz on numerous projects and he always produced stunning pictures and videos. He listens carefully to client's needs and wants, and then adds his skill and art to exceed expectations. He's a professional who always delivers an exceptional experience.
Nelle Niles
Beginner Model Nelle Niles Beginner Model
I am a beginner model. Since childhood I dreamed of becoming a photo model. Tomaz helped me make a gorgeous modelling portfolio which has helped me receive many offers from well-known agencies. I am very grateful to Tomaz for his work. It's really amazing!
Ales S
Dealer Manager Ales S Dealer Manager
Tomaz takes pictures of cars in our showroom for our website. We sell beautiful cars but his photos make them look even more impressive. Fantastic work! Tomaz is quick and professional, and that is why we partnered with Tomaz for our photography.
Rina Fortune
Beginner Model Rina Fortune Beginner Model
I'm not a professional model but I like good photos that make me look pretty on my Instagram channel. I also sell some of my photos as stock photos. Tomaz creates all my galleries and is a fantastic professional. Thanks Tomaz!
Jessa Agresta
Instagram Model Jessa Agresta Instagram Model
Tomaz's photos are just amazing! I am impressed with all his photos as they are so unique. Light, shadows, skin - all are perfect. Brilliant!
Leonardo M
Beginner Model Leonardo M Beginner Model
We had a great experience! Tomaž provides a relaxed atmosphere while photographing and filming. He is communicative and easily accessible. My girlfriend, friend and I were very pleased with the high quality of the photos and video, and Tomaz's creative ideas for unique pictures. The photo session was on the Istrian coast and the photos we got from Tomaz will be a lifelong treasure. Highly recommended!

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