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Few Words About Me Nice to Meet You

Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Tomaz Gyorek. I am from Slovenia. Photography is my passion. I’d like to show you a different view of the world through my lens.

Through my lens the world looks different. I learned that from age 10, when I took my first photo on a manual camera with my dad. After years of practicing the art of photography by working with large brands and companies, I developed my own techniques and unique vision. Get in touch to learn more.

Awards Won
Projects Done
Happy Clients
Greatest Shots

Where magic HAPPENS My Studio

My studio is on the road with clients. Your time is precious so I bring my studio with me and make the magic happen at your place.

How MAGIC happens Processing

Photo processing adds an additional magic touch. Here’s a comparison of a photo, before and after processing, where I retouched the photo, removed background noise and improved color brightness. 



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